Year in Review

I’ve had this blog for almost 18 months now. My thanks to all the lovely people who’ve stopped in to visit and to leave comments. People have come by from all over the world. Well, okay, Greenland continues to snub me. I’m trying not to take that personally.

By this time tomorrow, I’ll be a published author. Woo hoo! Let there be celebrations.
New Years Eve fireworks Oulu 20111231l

I’m prepping a second book for publication, have another one submitted to a publisher, and several more waiting in the wings. In terms of writing, I’d say this has been a very good year.

Where do you see yourself in a year? And what plans to you have to make your goals become reality?

I’ve gone through the links that I’ve included in posts this year, and singled out my favorites. These aren’t necessarily links that were created this year, but they’re  the ones I liked best.

Links for when I’m feeling sad

Not always right Stories submitted by various people. Just little anecdotes of a time when someone was nice to them, kindness from total strangers.

This link will make everything okay. It’s silly, but this does help.

Favorite video links

An interview with Susanna Kearsley and Diana Gabaldon

Neil Gaiman’s Commencement Speech

Favorite game There are other games out there, but I like this one because you can play word games and donate to the hungry at the same time.

What links make your favorite list?

I hope 2018 is a fabulous year for each and every one of you. Happy New Year!

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