Quote: Neil Gaiman on the Benefits of Ignorance

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When you start out… you have no idea what you are doing. This is great.

People who know what they’re doing know the rules, and they know what is possible and what is impossible. You do not. And you should not…

If you don’t know it’s impossible, it’s easier to do.

-Neil Gaiman

Actually, I think instead of just posting that quote, I should just put in the link to the whole video. If you haven’t seen the commencement address that Neil Gaiman gave at the University of Arts, I recommend watching it.

Five more days until my debut book is published. And I have no idea what I’m doing.

Quote: M.M. Kaye on Writing Romance

Susan Walker Morse (The Muse)

… this form of literature [Romance] isn’t nearly as easy to write as you think… I was writing something I thought was sentimental and saccharine drip, and in consequence, all I produced was exceedingly bad and patently phony drip that no publisher in the right minds would have accepted… You have to believe in it.”

-M.M. Kaye, Enchanted Evening