Cover Reveal: The English Lieutenant’s Lady

180 The English Lieutenant_s Lady 1800x2700

Behold! This is the cover for my new book, The English Lieutenant’s Lady. The cover was done by Cover Shot Creations. It’s quite a good representation of Lia, the heroine.

It was more problematic to include a picture of Geoff, the hero. You’ve probably figured out that he’s the English lieutenant mentioned in the title. The trouble is that in the novel he’s not in uniform, because he’s spying on the Americans in the Oregon Territory.

I thought it would be confusing to see him wearing ordinary clothes of the period, but it would be inaccurate to show him wearing his uniform. And showing him not wearing any clothes at all might work for some types of romance novels, but definitely not for this one. So you’ll just have to imagine what he looks like, okay?