A big part of a writer’s life? Waiting

Arthur Rackham 1909 Undine (15 of 15)

They also serve who only stand and wait.
-John Milton
(who clearly never had to deal with a slow waiter)

The nice part of waiting for your book to come out? The experience prepares you for writing in general. You are always going to be waiting for the next book to come out, the next Bookbub ad, the next royalty check… etc.

Of course you fill the time with writing the next fabulous opus, but you still wait.

I don’t have much longer to wait for my first book to be published. But it FEELS like it’s taking forEVER.

What a good thing I am such a patient person.

Um… you believe that don’t you?

Oh. You don’t.

Well, you’re right. But I’m trying to be patient.

Two more days.

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