A hero with a cat… works every time


My First Ever Book!

I received a lot of compliments on the cover of His Forgotten Fiancée (though the credit, of course, should go to the Harlequin Art Department). I think it’s mostly the fact that the cover features a tall, handsome man and a kitten. Something about that combination is irresistible.

For example, look at the Japanese movie trailer below. A tall, handsome Samurai, a ruthless warrior, who has one assignment that he cannot fulfill: to assassinate a cat. Instead, he adopts the animal.

Samurai Cat

I am reminded of the “story” that KD James gave out about how she came to be the human caretaker of a small white cat. Is that story true or was it just a cover for a darker truth? I mean, the name she gave the beastie was “The White Ninja.” Pretty suspicious coincidence, methinks.

2 thoughts on “A hero with a cat… works every time

  1. KDJames says:

    Well, I am a writer and it’s sort of required that I make stuff up…

    I LOVED that video. “Give me back the cat.” It’s hilarious. And that cat does bear a striking resemblance to The White Ninja. Hmmm. I wonder who her film agent is. And what she’s been doing with her royalties.

  2. Evelyn M. Hill says:

    If you choose to deny that a samurai found you (via your blog, natch) and fell madly in love with you and chose you as the best possible guardian of his precious cat, well, then of course I will be forced to believe you.
    Absolutely. No question.
    More or less.

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