3 thoughts on “Get the words down, then fix it

  1. jdragonhyde says:

    I agree entirely. I’m an aspiring author and I feel I still need more practice. But, I get the ideas, stories, and random thoughts down and then go through them later. I do tend to show my unedited work though. Probably need to stop that habit.

    • Evelyn M. Hill says:

      I’m impressed that you show your unedited work! I don’t have the nerve to show my writing to anyone until it’s been through an edit. Even then, I keep wanting to tweak it. Good for you for having the courage to show it to people!

      • jdragonhyde says:

        Thank you! That makes me feel reassured that it’s not a quirk I need to fix. I agree with edits, but I do like the raw feeling I get when I write something and have it read by another before editing. Sometimes people are negative, but it helps me realize what needs to be edited or destroyed haha.

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