Two of my favorite words in the English language

11 Whirlwind the Whistler carries away Golden Tress - Russian Fairy Book 1916, illustrator Frank C Pape

Ask any writer and they will tell you they love writing ‘The End.’

I’ve finished my smooth draft of Neil and Sam’s story. It is such a relief. Though I probably shouldn’t start celebrating yet, not until I write up the synopsis and do one final read through.

Maybe just a mini celebration.

Have you tried the online game Free Rice? It tests your vocabulary and helps feed the hungry.  For each correct answer you give, the site donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Program. That’s not very much, but as the game is addictive, it can add up to a substantial amount of rice being donated. (They raise the money from advertising shown on the site.)

Did I mention it was addictive? You have been warned.

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