The ONE thing all authors must do

I’m trying out a mailing list pop-up message. I’m told a newsletter is “the” way authors connect with their readers. I’m all for connecting with you, so I’ve added the widget to the blog.

Does it work?

I want to be hip and cool and trendy (so I probably should avoid using dated terms like those). One piece of advice that I hear is that I need a newsletter. (Thanks to Christine Dillion for the reminder.)

After His Forgotten Fiancée, I am going to publish Geoff and Lia’s story. There are other stories in the pipeline after those two. If you’d like to keep track when I have a release out, please do sign up for the newsletter!

I promise I won’t send you weekly pictures of my cat or omelet recipes or anything else except for a notification of when one of my books come out. Or if one goes on sale. I’d send out a notification for that. I don’t know if Harlequin puts their books on sale very often, but if they do then I intend to be prepared.

Apparently, this is the ONE thing all authors must do. Well, that and finish the book.


NotMyCat wants to know if you’ve set up a mailing list yet.

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