Things I Accomplished Today

Sad Clown - Occupy Wall St

  1. Wrote 2000 words in my new story.
  2. Read blogs by talented, funny, charming authors.
  3. Drank several cups of coffee.
  4. Revised a couple more chapters in the story I’m editing.
  5. Read Twitter.
  6. Re-read the email about winning the contest that I Cannot Mention.
  7. Sketched out a revised outline for a totally different story that’s sitting on the Rewrite bench.
  8. Did everything on my To Do list.
  9. Did anything on my To Do list.
  10. Wrote a blog post.

In a situation like this, there’s only one thing to do. Get the heck out of here. I’m going to go find me a Starbucks, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, and revise some more chapters.  And then I’m going to come back here and update this post with a report of my success. That way, I will have to get it done.

Yes, I am using you. Shamelessly.

Update: Two more chapters revised. At least I got something done today.

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