Good news… but you didn’t hear it from me

Confetti in Toronto
Good: I just learned that I won a contest.

Bad: I can’t tell anyone about it, not the name of the contest, nor the editor who was the final judge, nothing.

Good: The editor requested the full manuscript.

Better: She is the second editor to request a full for this manuscript.

Bad: I need to rewrite it before I can show the whole thing to anyone besides a cat.


Critic Cat Is Not Impressed

On the plus side, I should finish the final read through of the manuscript I wrote for the Manuscript Matchmaker contest by Sunday. I think I got all the requested tweaks revised the way they should be, but I am trusting my kind editor to tell me if I need to go back in and revise some more. Knowing that I have another editor waiting for another manuscript is good motivation to not slack off on the current work.