Update: joggling

Did you know there really is such a thing as joggling? Juggling while jogging. That’s kind of how I feel right now. Trying to keep several balls in the air while moving forward.

  • I’ve sent His Forgotten Fiancée to meet its just fate in the hands of reviewers. (Note: there’s a Goodreads giveaway if you’d like to get your hands on an autographed print copy. Just saying.)
  • I’ve sent Geoff and Lia’s story to the editor, so it’s out of my hands for the moment.
  • I’m charging through Neil and Sam’s story, hoping to have it ready to go by next week.

I don’t look anything like the guy in the picture, but I think I might have a similar expression on my face.

The Battle of the Covers!

All right, so perhaps ‘battle’ isn’t the mot juste.  But it made for a dramatic title.

Love Inspired published a Cover vs. Cover post on Facebook, comparing His Forgotten Fiancée with A Mother for his Family, by Susanne Dietze. I must say, her cover is lovely. I do enjoy a good Regency novel.

But does her cover have a kitten on it? It does not. Tsk, I say.

Zorro the Inquisitive

Srsly? No kitteh?

Do you prefer Regency elegance or cute kittens on a cover? Please go check out the covers on Facebook and share your opinion!23116635_10155781262529666_2918901991707960731_o

Download a sample of His Forgotten Fiancée!

His Forgotten Fiancée

Read a sample of my First Ever Book!

Good news! The opening of His Forgotten Fiancée is now available on Overdrive! It is in eBook format. Does a Kindle device know to translate that? I need to investigate. If anyone knows the answer, could you let me know?

I love that you can sample a book and decide whether it’s something you’d like.


Samplers! I love samplers!


You never can tell

My first ever book is getting closer to publication. And I’m starting to worry.

I know, I know. I should be happy/excited/proud. Not nervous. But… taking words out of my head and putting them onto a page is one thing. Putting all those pages out for all the world to see is very different.

Is my book any good? I have not the slightest clue.

Anker- Die Andacht des Grossvaters 1893

Unimpressed readers

When an author first starts a book, it’s all rainbows and glitter and insta-love. It’s the Best Book Ever.

Then it comes back from the beta reader, and this book is clearly a complete waste of time and you are obviously an inept bumbler who should never have been allowed near a keyboard. Be off with you. Find a new hobby.

Then comes revisions, and it’s like eating dust and ashes. The story is dead, there’s no life to it, you should just delete it from your computer and burn any hard copies.

Then it comes out and… this part is hypothetical, but I’m guessing there will be one of two possible scenarios here:

  • Zzzzzzzz…. crickets…zzzzzz…. maybe a one-star review on Amazon if you’re lucky.
  • What, someone liked it? It’s not the absolutely Worst Book Ever? Maybe even not the Second Worst Book Ever? Hey, maybe it’s even made it up to the level of the Third Worst Book Ever! Success!

tl;dr — I am trying not to think about the upcoming publication of His Forgotten Fiancée. This week, I’m finishing up the smooth draft of Neil and Samantha’s story, tentatively titled Sierra Hostage. Then I am giving myself a month to go over the revisions for Geoff and Lia’s story before I send it to the editor. Keeping busy helps.

All I can do is focus on finishing the current story. Then the one after that. The next one will be better. Each time, the next one will be better.

Rachel Neumeier wrote an interesting post on The Psychology of Revisions.

His Forgotten Fiancée: The Blurb

After all the pain I went through trying to write a blurb, I have to say that when someone else does it for you it seems so simple and straightforward.

Illustration from The Little Lame Prince and His Travelling Cloak by Dinah Maria Mulock illustrated by Hope Dunlap 1909 25

Liza Fitzpatrick is stunned when her fiancé finally arrives in Oregon City — with amnesia. Matthew Dean refuses to honor a marriage proposal he doesn’t recall making, and Liza is forced to consider he may not have loved her after all. But she needs his help now to bring in the harvest, and maybe she can help him remember…
Matthew is attracted to the spirited Liza, and as she tries to help him regain his old memories, the new ones they’re creating together start to make him feel whole. Even as he falls for her again, though, someone’s determined to keep them apart. Will his memory return in time to save their future?